Dear Sir or Madame,

In our trainings we use undisputed assets of sea sailing as a form of active group working, learning and overcoming own weaknesses. Participating in well-organized sailing cruise, leave an unforgettable impression that will not blur the passage of time.
The stay and duties on a yacht, the course of the cruise, common bosun works and meals serve as base to advanced trainings, different from those in training rooms.

That’s how ties are building, the intrinsic strength is born. Friendships, effective acquaintances and long-lasting relationships between participants are formed.

Primarily, our courses are a simple message of knowledge, creation of attitudes, independent actions of participants, anchoring changes for a long time, building intrinsic motivation… in isolation from the office schemes… in a different surroundings of maritime climate and unusual sailing conditions with active participation of experienced staff.

My inspiration is “Szkoła pod Żaglami”
 by Capitan Krzysztof Baranowki

You are more than welcome
Marcin Szymkiewicz