Croatia, although very well known, still conceals unlimited secrets.

It is called “Caribbean of Europe”. through to its unique coast, a multitude of islands, countless coves is a real, sailing paradise. Azure sea invites to swim, rays of the sun to joint sunbathing.

Without huge winds and waves is perfect place for sailing. Croatia, as the only one country from the Mediterranean basin, is honored with “The Blue Flag”. It means crystal clear water along whole coast. Wholeness complete fantastic landscapes, Mediterranean tastes of Dalmatian cuisine which will take us to all these places where you would like to spend heavenly moments on a yacht. In such places we want to guide you in completely different dimension of training, building relations, discovering strengths and the spirit of motivation. 
A harmonious company is a harmonious people. A team is built by joint effort, partner competition and cooperation. That is how wonderful relations, friendly ties are creating and participants are discovering themselves afresh, getting to know your capabilities and strength. Weaknesses, anxieties stay overboard and participants return from training as other people.

The key to our training is to replace the lecture hall or passive session with the trainer. My model assumes physical and mental activity as well as creativity and detachment of participants from their well-known training environment. Participants will design their own cruise and actively distribute their duties and watch over them every day. They will have to cooperate, compete, plan, anticipate, forecast, effectively spend orders, and perform them reliably. Projector, flipchart, markers remain on the shore.


Wholeness in the perfect setting of maritime adventure under the control of sea sailors 
who are willing to share their knowledge, adventures and experiences.

We are proposing  basic types of cruises. Each will be unique and prepare according to your requirements.

Building your own motivation

  • competition between teams and "regattas";
  • team work in the cruise;
  • expedition "sea conquerors" under the leadership of the manager

Employees' reward and motivation

  • slow life under sail;
  • active rest - sightseeing and water sports
  • tourist and scenic cruises.

Workshops for and managers:

  • team building;
  • manager and team member - trust relation
  • leadership in practice.

Business (VIP)

  • negotiations and business talks;
  • honoring the VIP Client;
  • maintaining mutual loyalty and partnership

 For each cruise we are preparing individual program (created with consideration of  Your expectations, number of people, budget)
expanding it with original elements and scenarios.

A nature of a trip can have a type: motivational, training, rewarding or provide an unique ntegration, conference, jubilee trip (with training bonus). We run for you "Sea Events- developed and comprehensively implemented in terms of individual needs of your company.

From our side we provide: 

  • high-qualified sailors' team;
  • experienced trainers- practitioners of management
  • comfortable and modern yachts and catamarans
  • full program of event and complex logistic and organization including proper medical protection
  • optional specialist clothing, also with logotype, logos, banners and advertising slogans of the event on the hull of the yacht

Sailing with us is safe- you do not  even have to know how to sail. Yachts, on which we sail, are unsinkable and fully-equipped. It is only oceanic units. We offer the highest standard. Yachts are completely checked in terms of security, reliability, technical stan before each cruise- we do not leave anything to chance. We have full insurance required for maritime traffic.

Routes are perfectly prepared with taking into account sea conditions, weather, participants capabilities. On our lines there is not trade or military traffic, we are always in some proximity to the mainland. Ensuring the comfort of participants is also important. On our routes it does not sway and does not swing (maybe a little bit). All you need is to experience the adventure, during which you will discover the hidden powers of your character, overcome the fear of the new and experience incredible impressions.

We have the best-class navigation, life-saving equipment and full terrestrial facilities to support our cruises. Each of yachts necessarily have life jackets and lifebuoys, first aid system. We put the safety of our participants on the first place. Our crew is experienced, well-skilled captains and sea skippers, perfectly area knowledgeable. We have certificates: PZŻ, RYA, ISSA and permission of the Croatian maritime office. Through strong back on the land and excellent fleet we can prepare cruise for one hundred people at the same time. To provide you with the highest standard for training under sail or "event" trips, we give you
a precisely prepared offer.

As the only one in the waters of Croatia, we have a base and logistics facilities to support our cruises. We have our own fleet of modern units. We are fully independent and we can prepare a cruise for a hundred people at the same time.