Marcin (Skipper)- originator of "SAIL TO LEARN".
I grew up in the mountains. Mountains teach humility, rivalry, cooperation, responsibilities, sailing is teaching the same. Hence the idea SAIL & LEARN.
I am experienced manager, trainer. I have created and implemented a lot of sellers, managers, negotiators to work. I have organized countless sales, logistics and marketing teams. I am proud of their achievements and who they are today.
I observe their successes with passion and I willingly share my experiences and knowledge. I went through a lot in my profession- from a regular employee through the functions of a manager, director, to the board of a joint-stock company. I worked for big corporations and smaller firms. Where others saw competition - I always saw cooperation and opportunities. Today, I am owner, stockholder and shareholder and I know how motivation is important in work.

Privately, I am passionate about travel, short and long - distance shooting instructor, skier. I went through Croatia and the Balkans with my backpack.
In similar way I traveled through Greece and the Crete. Hitch-hiking I traveled Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and Austria. I am a marine yacht and motorboat helmsman of PLŻ, PZMiNW, RYA, Croatian yacht captain "Voditelj Brodice" for yachts up to 30 tons (18 m long), radio operator VHF / SRC.

On cruises and expeditions - I am arranging for you trainings, logic games, sea maneuvers and routes for conquerors.


Maciej (Capitan)- Commodore of cruises.

Maciek is an extremely experienced sailor, traveler, scuba diver, instructor.
One of the best sailors with enormous experience. He sails on the seas from the 7th grade of primary school. He has sailed over 289,000 miles across the seas and oceans and spent over 38,000 hours under sails. He participated in the "School of Sailing" Cpt. Baranowski, with whom he circumnavigated Africa in a 9-month cruise on the "Pogoria" sailing ship. During this cruise, he finished 2nd high school material. In his sailings cruises he crossed the equator three times. Twice in the Pacific, once in the Indian Ocean. He swam around Cape Horn on the yacht Zawisza Czarny. He arrived as the second sailing yacht in the history of Polish sailing to Antarctica to the Polish Polaris Station named "Henryk Arctowski".

Maciek is an extremely colorful, creative character with brilliant humor, a human with the talent of transmitting his numerous experiences in a dynamic, lively form, full of open, fresh ideas. The sense of corrective actions leading to efficient management is its additional asset. During cruises and trainings he willingly shares his knowledge and experiences.

Maciek teaches, trains and invents roles during journey. He creates officers, it marks watches, arranges the expedition's journey including puzzles and training tasks for each stage.


Mariusz-  Coordinator of the most important matters  

For 20 years, Mariusz was a manager associated for years with the financial industry, managed the most complex projects for the largest institutions.
He began as every one of us, from scratch, as a regular employee to take up high management positions. He managed the processes of TFI funds, implemented projects combined in "multi-company" teams. He implemented, prepared for work and trained in his profession. Management and training have no secrets from him. He knows their splendor and shadows.

Privately, happy father of the wonderful Hania. An admirer of the idea of ​​slow life and slow food in this respect, he does not accept compromises.