The decision to buy a yacht is a big event- much more bigger than buying even the most luxurious car. A selection of proper unit can not be accidental and there is no space for mistakes or shortcomings. The process of unit configuration, equipment, configuration of on-board systems, rigging and engines requires experience and knowledge. As experienced sailors, we advise and help in purchasing of sailing and motor yachts and catamarans. 

We cooperate with the best, prestigious shipyards and shipowners. In each case, we precisely select an unit so that meet your expectations. Additionally  we offer comprehensive charter services, yacht security, port settlement for the period of storage in a dry dock, insurance and periodic review. 

Yacht exclusive - we can offer you a new yacht under your order or used unit. Used does not mean worse. Because for high individuality each order is separate for us. To prepare the right offer, we need to know your expectations and purpose of the yacht.

Yacht purchase as an investment - A sailing and motor yachting is a very good investment. It does not lose its value as it is in the case of cars. The value does not drop more than 10-15% for five years. The yacht is your property and at your disposal on certain dates. at other times, he swims and earns his livelihood, also generating a profit of 8-10% per year.

for now we offer the purchase of a LAGOON 42 S catamaran at a very attractive price. this is a new unit launched in February 2018.

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