The pearl of the ocean. Dream destination of sailing expeditions. Located in the middle of Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. One of the last non-commercial place in the world, where there are no crowds. A unique flora and fauna, fabulous islands with white, coral sand on the beach. To soak up nature, fill your eyes with the sights and rest - that's what Seychelles are. Seychelles is a paradise for fans of scuba diving, active sports, and also for these, who loved sun bathing, blissful laziness and culinary challenges. Formerly a refuge of pirates, now one of the most beautiful places, real paradise garden. Seychelles are the only granite islands in the world, which remember the origins of uprising of the continents. This is where Brad Pit hangs out from time to time Princess Kate spent her honeymoon.

Large premium catamaran+ own desalinator, power generator give full independence. If you are impressed by any place, you can stop for any time. 
For groups of 8 and 10 people there is possibility to prepare a cruise at any time and numbers of days. Cruises do not have to start on Saturday. They can be adjusted to the date on which we will have air tickets.


The land of Smile, what is called Thailand, thanks to eternally smiling inhabitants- to its southern part- the Phuket island, which charm everyone with its tropical richness of the nature, colors, shapes, culture, tastes and aromas. Fairy tale scenery with limestone peaks, pristine white beaches, coral reefs, water parks, colorful bird species make us feel that we are transferred into a world of extraordinary relaxation, captivating, blissful with very good conditions for scuba diving and snoorking.

The season in Thailand falls on the month of the end of November, December, January, February and March. The best time for sailing is February and March. Monsoons begin to blow in July and end in November- it is a rainy season. From November to mid-February there is a dry season and the highest temperatures are recorded from March to June.

Currently, all places for cruises in Thailand are reserved.




We can prepare for you the most sophisticated cruise. Regardless of whether it will be sport regatta or a sea trip.
We will provide attractions on the sea or on land. 
Exclusive kitchen, on-board service and the highest quality yachts.
You define the profile, we implement it. 

This is an offer for special order and to be professionally prepared, please report it 3 -6 months before the planned date.