We chose the most interesting routes of cruises around Croatia. Checked personally by us...many times.

“Adventure and Sailing” is an unique route for active and eager for real, remarkable experiences travelers. It links a sailing adventure with huge Adventure type activity. Rafting, pontoon rafting down a mountain river and exciting canoeing. During cruise you will discover charms of these sports, additionally, parachute behind a motorboat  you will feel like birds flying. Amazing impressions, huge emotions, exciting experiences are entered in this route which leave unforgettable memories and has a huge impact on the participants.

"Dalmatia"- a land of history, sun, cheeses and domestic wine- Dalmatia is Croatian region of happiness, enveloped in golden rays of the sun and the emerald of sea water. We drop by picturesquare towns full of colorful markets with local specials, little galleries of art, monuments from Roman times, charming bays, islands. Roman emperor Diocletian loved Dalmatia. Julius Caesar expanded the ancient Salon - to the rank of the capital of Dalmatia. We will visit these places and tell you ancient histories. Crystal water, small distances between towns, famous national parks and archipelagos of the islands are just a few of the advantages of the route for conquerors.

"Split-Peljesac-Korčula"- the Marco Polo trailer- leaving from Split, we will take you to ancient times, when the Palace of Emperor Diocletian reigned over the city and Marco Polo wiped the Silk Road. We will experience sailing adventure, visiting these places which definitely he visited. In each alleys and on each houses trace of old history is hidden. Where is the tip, where is the trip going? Maybe at Klis castle where the movie Game of Thrones was created, and maybe in the ruins of the ancient Salon of the favorite by Julius Caesar.

"Trogir- the Venice of the South"- feel like truth Venetian, starting this journey. Unique old town located on the island, medieval walls, tenements, narrow streets, create an unique view, which attract crowds of people from all around the world. Trogir is magical and opens  the way towards the Blue Grotto on the Bisevo island and Hvar, which prostrate the scent of lavender and history. These places are full of pirates stories, antique and mystery.

"Slow life & sail"- that is nature and relaxation. We will sail along the northern part of the Croatian coast. Our trail leads through islands and medieval towns. The Krk island, Cres, medieval Rab, the Olib island, Goli Otok- are only a few places which we will visit. It is real, secluded paradise, full of mysterious coves, greenery, peace and quiet. The route ideal for rest and recreation.

"In the footsteps of Tito"- one of the most beautiful routes in Croatia.
It leads through all the largest islands of the country. Hvar, Brac, Palmizana. The purpose of the journey is Vis island called the gate of Adriatic and a meeting with distant and the closest one history. It was there, in the glory days of Rome, that the best wine of antiquity was produced, which was imported to the court on the orders of the emperor himself. For years, Vis island was closed military zone of strategic importance. There are perfectly preserved bunkers for submarines from The Second World War times, the most secret location of the former Warsaw Pact- nuclear shelter, numerous military, cannons, caves, secret passages, masked ammunition warehouses. Josip Broz Tito was hiding and planning the fate of future Yugoslavia on the island. These are just some of the attractions waiting there. We will visit HVAR where traces of the first human presence are from 5000 years ago and which island smells of lavender, rosemary and flowers. We will sail to the bay on Bisevo island on which we will visit the legendary blue cave. This cruise is for lovers of historical and military puzzles.

Each of our routes is perfect for conducting trainings, integration trips, building motivation, workshops of leaders.
We are ready once to accept up to 100 people.